JAMESTOWN SEAFOOD - THE NEW KID ON THE BLOCK. Washington's oyster industry has a new entry - Jamestown Seafood. A collaborative effort with the Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe, Jamestown Seafood is exciting chefs and seafood enthusiasts around the nation, introducing a distinctive and delicious new line of oysters from the Pacific Northwest.

Sequim Bay Map

The farm is nestled in the pristine Sequim Bay (pronounced "Skwim") along the Strait of Juan de Fuca and just before the entrance to the Puget Sound. As with the oysters, Sequim Bay is unique. Its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, and nutrient rich tides that replenish the bay, allows oysters to thrive on a regular supply of fresh, clean food - promoting faster growth. Additionally, the lack of urban run-off creates an environment perfect for sustainable, clean and delicious seafood.


Production begins at the company owned hatchery in Kona, Hawaii, followed by managed grow out in our Point Whitney and Sequim Bay facilities in Washington State. Once the seed reaches a size of 1/2 to 3/4 inches, it is planted on the farm in the nutrient rich waters of Sequim Bay. By maintaining a watchful eye throughout the maturation process, Jamestown Seafood manages harvests that are commercially viable, sustainable, consistent, and abundant.

Jamestown Seafood is operated by President and owner Kurt Grinnell, and Business Manager and owner Terri Grinnell. With his first job in the seafood industry at the age of 16, Kurt is no stranger to the world of fishing. As a member of Jamestown’s S'Klallam Tribe whose history dates back over 10,000 years, and the tribe’s survival relying heavily on local oysters, geoduck clams and other seafood, you could say oyster farming is in his blood. Terri, born and raised in the area, and an accountant by trade, welcomed the chance to embrace the hometown industry and work outdoors. While Terri oversees the financial and administrative aspects of the business, she also loves her role as "Official Taster."

When asked what prompted the decision to develop a new seafood operation in Sequim Bay, Kurt Grinnell offers, "The waters were so clean, and food production unsurpassed. I simply had the feeling there was really a terrific and unique opportunity for us, the tribe, and oyster lovers of the world."



Kurt Grinnel

Kurt is the driving force behind Jamestown Seafood. He is an active member of the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe, has worked on the water since his teens, and knows a thing or two about oysters.


Terri Grinnel

Life at Jamestown Seafood would cease to exist without Terri. Along with sales and administrative responsibilities, and along with Kurt, she makes sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently.


Luke Oppelt

When it comes to operations, Luke is the beating heart of Jamestown Seafood. Whether it’s managing inventory, shipping stock, or facilitating orders, Luke is our main man.


Ralph W Riccio

As the driving force behind sales, Ralph introduces Sequim Bay oysters to the uninitiated. As a marine biologist, he understands what it takes to produce great oysters and preserve Sequim Bay.