JAMESTOWN OYSTERS. IN A CLASS ALL THEIR OWN. Oysters from the Pacific Northwest are considered some of the finest in the country. To the delight of oyster aficionados, chefs and restaurateurs, Jamestown Seafood has introduced oyster farming in the pristine inter-tidal waters of Sequim Bay (a Native American name, pronounced SKWIM).

Pacific Oysters

Recognizing this watershed as distinctly different from the majority of oyster beds further along and deeper into the Puget Sound, the oyster industry is witnessing the emergence of something entirely new, distinctive and extremely delicious.

Oyster production begins at the company owned hatchery, embracing scientifically regulated and meticulously managed spawning and seed grow out procedures. Maintaining a watchful eye on their oyster beds throughout the maturation process, Jamestown Seafood enjoys harvests that are commercially viable, sustainable, consistent, and abundant.


Sequim Bay Jades

These precious, distinctively pleated beauties are grown directly on the sandy floor of Sequim Bay. They are silky smooth, displaying tantalizing mineral notes coupled with unmistakable brine, subtle sweetness and a fresh cucumber finish. They are clean, bright and provoke fond memories of the beach.


Sequim Bay Opals

Allowed to tumble with the tides, these little gems have a deep, bowl shaped shell. They are plump, juicy and succulent, display a clean ocean flavor accompanied by subtle sweetness and buttery texture. On the finish, there are hints of melon that make this oyster truly memorable and thoroughly enjoyable.


Sequim Bay Opals

As with our Jades, these tasty morsels are beach farmed, equally smooth and silky, and deliver the perfect touch of sweet, mineral and cucumber notes. The key to our Sapphires is size - just the right amount of oyster to be served freshly shucked, in shooters or an amuse bouche where subtlety speaks volumes.

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Oyster beds at Jamestown Seafood are regularly planted, inspected and serviced, ensuring reliable volumes throughout the year. Our Pacific Oysters (Crassostrea gigas) are graded and available in a variety of sizes, catering to every imaginable recipe and culinary application. Whether you require smaller oysters for shooters or an imaginitive amuse-bouche, slightly larger options for serving on the half-shell, or more substantial sizes for salads, sandwiches, and presentations where oysters are the featured ingredient, there’s a size for every occasion.

To learn more about pricing, availability, or to place your order, please call (360) 460‑3240 or click here to contact us.